LEAK: Apple To Release iOS 5 In The Fall?!

Hey  guys, here’s a very strange and unnerving rumor that has just hit us moments ago. According to sources, Apple is going to skip their April keynote and introduce their next major version of iOS in the summer for a fall release.

Now, the source also says that iOS 5 is all about the cloud. The new music “locker” service is also reportedly a “go”.

Here’s what the source had to say:

“Many people (including myself) were a bit disappointed that Apple didn’t devote any time during the iPad 2 unveiling to talking about iOS 5, the next major revamp of the software. But there may be a very good reason for that: it’s not coming anytime soon. In fact, the plan right now is to wait to launch iOS 5 until the fall, we’ve heard from two solid sources.”

However, Apple has never talked about a major iOS version in January, these have always been in March or April for a June or July release so it’s not a surprise for them to not talk about it. We are not exactly sure where they heard this rumor, but I hope it’s not true.

Major iOS releases are always followed by a new product such as the iPhone. It’s unclear (saying this rumor turns out to be true) whether Apple will also push back the iPhone or release it with iOS 4.4. The fall is when Apple traditionally announces new iPods but the same source that Apple will also be releasing the 3rd generation iPad at the same time as well.

WWDC 2011 is when sources say that Apple will be announcing iOS 5.

Now, why do I have so much of a problem with this? The iPhone launch. Apple would be stupid if they released iPhone 5 during the fall as well as a new iPad and new iPods. They would cannibalize their own product line, the source obviously doesn’t know that word or concept.

This is why Apple has each of their major products launch at different times, the iPad in the spring, the iPhone/Mac OS X in the summer, and the iPods/Apple TV in the fall, this is to prevent cannibalization of their own products. The iPad launch would completely take over the iPod announcements thus killing potential profits.

Anyways, we will be here, regardless, to cover all of Apple’s latest and greatest product announcements!

Stay tuned…

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