Launch Day: Verizon iPhone Is Off To A Very Slow Start

Good morning everyone, as you know, the Verizon iPhone just launched at Apple Stores, Verizon Stores, Best Buy, and select Walmarts today. Now, the pre-orders that were done on February 3rd went great for Verizon. Estimates place pre-orders at 500,000 units. However, today, if you go to your local Verizon or Apple Store, you won’t find the line that you would expect from an Apple launch. There aren’t that many people out there.

Why? Do people not want the Verizon iPhone? This could be a possibility, but more than that, I would say that it is because people would rather order online than brave the very harsh cold weather.

I am sure that we will be hearing from Verizon and Apple on how many units they have sold, but for now, it doesn’t look like the same amount as a typical launch on AT&T.

Apple stock is down to $357.41 (-0.75) at the time of this writing, while Verizon is down to $36.45 (-0.23).


  1. Luis says

    Well I think that not many people is interested to get a verizon iPhone since they don’t really offer nothing different than AT&T, and plus is the same device so I think they’re really waiting for the iPhone 5 what do you think?

    • says

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I know that when people have asked me whether to buy it or not, I say not yet. Getting a product 8 months after it’s launch isn’t very smart. I really would advise people to wait for iPhone 5 in June.

      Plus, a lot of people are on contract with AT&T.

      My personal reason as to why I’m not on Verizon… the SIM card. I love the flexibility of GSM.

  2. Brandon says

    Well right now VZW offers unlimited data like AT&T use to which is a plus…. but then you have to deal with the fact that its CDMA and you can’t very well switch phones at will with a SIM

    • Jason masters says

      I was tempted but I stayed with my unlocked iPhone 4 on Tmobile and I’m waiting on the 5 even though I don’t know what it will have?

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