PSA: Push Notifications Will No Longer Work; Awaiting New App Approval

Guys, if you have our LEI Mobile app installed you will no longer receive push notifications.  Tonight we are moving to a new server and waiting for Apple to approve our new app.  You should not notice any downtime with the move but if you do we should be fully running within a few hours.

UPDATE: Hey guys, well, we are going to be switching how we do our push notifications to be more efficient. We have to send so many notifications that we just can’t manage to sustain the ability anymore with the method found today.

We have been having some difficulty getting our app approved, but we will have some sort of application on iTunes soon (even if it’s not the latest version that we would like to ship).

We have a way that will offshore our push notifications and free up our servers that we dedicate to the site. This will, in turn, lead to a better experience for our customers and readers (you guys).

We look forward to bringing our app back to iTunes. We’ll let you know.

(Update by Alan)



LEi Mobile Team



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