Kickstarter Project: Kalonn (Strong) Case for iPad mini

Today we found some nice looking iPad mini cases on Kickstarter. If your unfamiliar with Kickstarter, its a crowd funded site to help get new projects and ideas off the ground and into production for consumers.

The Kalonn Case for iPad mini looks like a promising case. Kalonn is an Irish word that means strong, and that is exactly what the Kalonn will provide. Not only is it durable but it also features a slim design and each one is handmade, so everyone is unique.

The Kalonn Ipad Mini case is made from strong durable faux leather material and features heavy duty elastic straps to securely keep the Ipad Mini in place as well as keep the case closed. The back of the case has a built in kickstand for landscape viewing, as well as a hole cut out for the camera. The cases come in a variety of stitching designs and are available in three material colors, black, brown or tan.  

The Kalonn Cases are scheduled for shipment early January. Those interested in previewing the Kalonn case or supporting the  start-up on Kickstarter by pre-ordering a case can check out the project on Kickstarter.


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