Kicking Yourself For Not Buying Apple Stock?

Are you kicking yourself for not buying apple stock? I know my Dad is. He told me that he was thinking about buying Apple stock when it was $98 a share. He decided not to. I wish he would have talked to me about it especially knowing that I follow Apple very closely because I run this blog. Anyways Apple has just surpassed $500 a share although it has dropped to $497 at the time of writing this post. We can only imagine that it will continue to go up.

Apple is dominating the smartphone industry and is now worth twice as much as its competitors combined. Most people still see apple undervalued at $500 a share. They are just killing it with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Same with their PC market, it is increasing every day and I am pretty sure within a few years it may even surpass Microsoft. Are you guys still interested at buying Apple stock at its current price? Due to the fact that the price is so high it is hard to buy a lot unless your super rich.

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