Just Bought An iPhone 3GS? Get A Rebate

AT&T is offering a rebate to their customers who purchased and iPhone 3GS between May 7th,  and June 7th, 2010.

This one-time Customer Price Protection will allow customers who purchased iPhone 3GS 16GB/32GB through a Local Dealer from May 7, 2010 until June 7, 2010 to receive a bill credit for the difference in the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price in May 2010 and the new Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price plus sales tax. This special one-time credit from AT&T will be provided to customers of Dealer regardless of what price the customer actually paid for their iPhone.

* Customers who purchased iPhone 3GS May 7th through May 14th will have until June 14th to visit the original location of purchase and receive this one-time bill credit
* Customers who purchased after May 14th will have 30 days to complete their price protection transaction by returning to the original location of purchase
* The Price Protection Credit applied to the customer’s account will equal:

* $50 for the 3GS 16GB
* $100 for the 3GS 32GB

Return/Exchange Policy:

A customer who purchased iPhone 3G/3GS through a Local Dealer from May 7, 2010 until June 7, 2010, who would like to exchange it for iPhone 4 and pay the price difference, will be able to do so.

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