It’s Official: Apple Is Now Worth More Than Microsoft & Also World’s Biggest Technology Company!

It’s official everyone! Apple, Inc. is now worth more than Microsoft! This is indeed a surprise. I anticipated this to happen, but not this soon. I expected this to happen in late-2010, but it looks like it’s that time.

Now, granted, it wasn’t so much Apple going up dramatically in value these lasts 60 days or so, it’s Microsoft that is tanking. Apple rose $10 Billion while Microsoft tanked with losses in over $40 Billion.

Now, this moment could last for a long time, maybe for good but, the margin is so small that anything could happen starting tomorrow morning. However, this comes to us as Apple flew past Walmart to take #3 and race to the top just a few weeks ago.

Right now, Apple’s valued at $222.12 Billion and Microsoft at $219.18 billion. The only American company valued higher is Exxon Mobil, with a market capitalization of $278.64 billion.

Apple is sure to take the #1 spot by 2011. Morgan Stanley predicts that Apple stock will reach over $310 a share by the end of fiscal year 2010!

This is amazing considering that Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1990s when Apple was without Steve Jobs. Apple has gone up while Microsoft has tanked. They are worth 1/2 of what they were worth in 2000, while Apple is many times bigger.

Steve Jobs has brought Apple from the ashes by creating the world’s bees music player, the world’s best computers, the world’s best mobile phone, and now, the world’s best tablet.

The fight has turned away from Apple vs. Microsoft, and is now heading for an Apple vs. Google fight. This is a fight for the future of technology. Apple wants apps and a marriage of hardware and software, while and Google wants everything in the cloud and on the web.

Here’s a fight that may involve Apple and Microsoft to start working together very closely to fight off Google, because regardless of how underwhelming Android is, it’s proving to be a real nuisance and Google is going to be a very worthy competitor.

Apple has the lead, but they have to really keep innovating or Google’s going to turn the tables on them like Microsoft took over the commuting industry and left Apple with a measly 6% market share.

What a journey. Congratulations Steve. I’m betting we’ll hear about this at WWDC and a big crowd cheering and laughing at Microsoft.

All I can say is, unless Microsoft can pull something amazing off, I have to say the following:

Microsoft is dead.


  1. T says

    Microsoft will never be dead
    but yeah apple just has better ideas all around. And Steve ballmer is a fag. 🙂

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