iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2 Is Out

If you are part of our beta testing team (or would like to try out the iPhone OS 4.0 you can get more details here) grab the latest update.  We are not sure what has changed yet except for some bug fixes.  More info will be coming as we get it.


New features:
1. New transitions for multitasking. Thanks for the video Gio!
2. Icons infront of your mailboxes now (except for Gmail)
3. New way to choose a wallpaper.
4. Places is now working in the photos app. Shows a map with pins where your photos were taken. Sorry I can’t post a picture yet as their is a major bug in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2.

New Bugs:
1. The camera does not work. It freezes and does not save anything to the camera roll. Screen shots do not work either.

As soon as we find more we will post them.

Incoming search terms:

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  1. Chino says

    Just the operation before you would lost rain drop back round simple stuff. And in the email it shows the yahoo simbles. It’s the little things lol nothing big yet

  2. LEI Mobile says

    Places now works in the photos app. It is actually pretty cool nit shows a map with pins where photos or videos were taken.

  3. Chino says

    Yea i feel the same about the camera. But did you notice the camera takes faster snaps? It did drag on the 3.1.3 and lower . Just wish they move the botton on volume to take the picture 🙁

    • LEI Mobile says

      yeah everything is going to be so much fast with multitasking! Hopefully the battery is better in this beta. Did you notice your battery performance going down significantly?

  4. Jake says

    I actually have had a battery improvement with 4.0 partly because I’m without all the apps I install when I jailbreak, but I’ve been noticing alot of lag in the phone but I’m sure when the full release is out the os will be flawless. And does anyone else have the problem with the camera zoom? I zoom in but it takes the pitied as if I didn’t zoom…

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