“iPhone HD” Confirmed?! A Blast From The Past?!

Well well well. My mind is officially blown. Remember the picture of the iPad that was leaked the night before the reveal? Well, this picture has helped confirm that the “iPhone HD” isn’t just a Japonese knockoff as previously reported by TUAW or MacRumors.

Well, it seems as though we have had confirmation and pictures of the next iPhone since January 2010! How can this be? By a tiny corner of the leaked iPad image…

If you look at where the arrows are pointed at, of course, there appears to be an iPhone (with a front facing camera) on top of the iPad prototype, but if you look at where the other arrow is, you can clearly see an iPhone. An iPhone that looks exactly the same as the iPhone that was leaked yesterday!

January 2010 (Day before Keynote):

Leak (April 17, 2010):

Well, as for me, I believe this 100% of the way. I believe that Apple took the “denial and discreditation” method of dismissing the rumor by posting the “Japonese Knockoff” pictures, rather than basically confirming it all by sending Engadget a “Cease and Decist”.

Apple is smart, but it seems that the internal picture taken at an Apple testing facility back in 2010 has come back to haunt them further by basically confirming the leaked images from both February 20th and yesterday night.

Take a look at the pictures and tell me that we’re crazy and that it’s not the leaked iPhone that we saw yesterday and February in the leaked picture, inside of Apple HQ the night before the iPad keynote!

Also, on a side note, this iPhone seems to take microSIMs! This is a very weird decision to do in my eyes, but I’m sure there is a reason to their madness, also, a high resolution camera on the front was confirmed, as well as a higher resolution screen!

More info as we get it!

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