iPhone 7 Plus Model Numbers


The iPhone 7 Plus model numbers can be found right here. This page will consist of mainly US modesl and some international model numbers as well. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger as Apple releases more colors. This year we have 2 new colors. The colors include: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. The Jet Black version is only available in 128GB and 256GB options.
I will continue to update this post as I get more information.


iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black (GSM) T-Mobile MN5L2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black (GSM) T-Mobile MN5R2LL/A

iPhone 7 32GB Black (GSM) T-Mobile MNQW2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Black (GSM) T-Mobile MN5G2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Black (GSM) T-Mobile MN5M2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MNQX2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MN5H2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MN5N2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MNQY2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MN5J2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MN5P2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MNR02LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MN5K2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MN5Q2LL/A

iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black (GSM) AT&T MN4D2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black (GSM) AT&T  MN4L2LL/A

iPhone 7 32GB Black (GSM) AT&T MNQH2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Black (GSM) AT&T MN482LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Black (GSM) AT&T MN4E2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MNQJ2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MN492LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MN4F2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MNQK2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MN4A2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MN4J2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MNQL2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MNQL2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MN4K2LL/A


iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black (CDMA) Sprint MN4D2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black (CDMA) Sprint MN4L2LL/A

iPhone 7 32GB Black (CDMA) Sprint MNQH2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Black (CDMA) Sprint MN482LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Black (CDMA) Sprint MN4E2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MNQJ2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MN492LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MN4F2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MNQK2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MN4A2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MN4J2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MNQL2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MN4C2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MN4K2LL/A


iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black (CDMA) Verizon MN4D2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black (CDMA) Verizon MN4L2LL/A

iPhone 7 32GB Black (CDMA) Verizon MNQH2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Black (CDMA) Verizon MN482LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Black (CDMA) Verizon MN4E2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon MNQJ2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon MN492LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon MN4F2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon MNQK2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon MN4A2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon MN4J2LL/A
iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon MNQL2LL/A
iPhone 7 128GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon MN4C2LL/A
iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon MN4K2LL/A

International iPhone 7 Plus models
If you know part numbers for the iPhone 7 Plus in different countries please contact me or leave a comment below and I will try and update the list. Thanks!

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  1. Muhammad khan says

    i have observed that in iphone 7 plus if you point out that the model numbers of att ,sprint and version are same models numbers ,please upload the correct one and also in iphone 7 in att sprint and version you mention double model numbers



    I bought my iPhone 7plus model number MN4K2Ll/A as a unlocked phone I tried to take it from MetroPCS to cricket and was told my phone is locked how do I fix this

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