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iPhone 6S colors

As I do every year, I list out as many of the iPhone model numbers that I can find. Will your help I can add to this list. Right now I will be updating this list on the fly as I get all of the know part numbers for the iPhone 6S.


iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MKQX2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MKR32LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MKR72LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKR12LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKR52LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKR92LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MKQY2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MKR42LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MKR82LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKR22LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKR62LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MKRA2LL/A



iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MKQ52LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MKQ92LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MKQE2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQ72LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQC2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQG2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MKQ62LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MKQA2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MKQF2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQ82LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQD2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold (GSM) AT&T MKQH2LL/A



iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MKT72LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MKTC2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MKTG2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKT92LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKTE2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKTJ2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MKT82LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MKTD2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MKTH2LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKTA2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKTE2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Sprint MKTK2LL/A



iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKRR2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKRY2LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT32LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKRW2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT12LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT52LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKRT2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT02LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT42LL/A
iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKRX2LL/A
iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT22LL/A
iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MKT62LL/A


International iPhone 6S models

If you know part numbers for the iPhone 6S in different countries please contact me or leave a comment below and I will try and update the list. Thanks!


CANADA iPhone 6S  Model Numbers:

Canada iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQJ2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 64GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQN2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 128GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQT2VC/A 
Canada iPhone 6S 16GB Gold Unlocked MKQL2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 64GB Gold Unlocked MKQQ2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 128GB Gold Unlocked MKQV2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 16GB Silver Unlocked MKQK2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 64GB Silver Unlocked MKQP2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 128GB Silver Unlocked MKQU2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQM2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQR2VC/A
Canada iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQW2VC/A


UK iPhone 6S  Model Numbers:

UK iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQJ2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 64GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQN2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 128GB Space Grey Unlocked MKQT2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 16GB Gold Unlocked MKQL2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 64GB Gold Unlocked MKQQ2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 128GB Gold Unlocked MKQV2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 16GB Silver Unlocked MKQK2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 64GB Silver Unlocked MKQP2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 128GB Silver Unlocked MKQU2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQM2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQR2B/A
UK iPhone 6S 128GB Rose Gold Unlocked MKQW2B/A

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  1. ongxom says

    MKQM2J/A 6s 16 Rose Gold (???????)
    MKQL2J/A 6s 16 Gold (????)
    MKQR2J/A 6s 64 Rose Gold (???????)
    MKU52J/A 6s+ 16 Rose Gold (???????)
    MKU32J/A 6s+ 16 Gold (????)
    MKU82J/A 6s+ 64 Gold (????)
    MKU72J/A 6s+ 64 Silver (????)
    MKU62J/A 6s+ 64 Space Gray (??????? )
    MKU92J/A 6s+ 64 Rose Gold (???????)
    MKUE2J/A 6s+ 128 Silver (????)
    MKUG2J/A 6s+ 128 Rose Gold (???????)
    MKUF2J/A 6s+ 128 Gold (????)
    MKUD2J/A 6s+ 128 Space Gray (??????? )

  2. ABDULLA says

    Apple iPhone6S / 6S + SIM-free price list 2015/9/12 than the current official online

    Model number Size Capacity Color
    MKQK2J / A iPhone6S 16GB silver
    MKQL2J / A iPhone6S 16GB gold
    MKQJ2J / A iPhone6S 16GB space_gray
    MKQM2J / A iPhone6S 16GB rosegld
    MKQP2J / A iPhone6S 64GB silver
    MKQQ2J / A iPhone6S 64GB gold
    MKQN2J / A iPhone6S 64GB space_gray
    MKQR2J / A iPhone6S 64GB rosegld
    MKQU2J / A iPhone6S 128GB silver
    MKQV2J / A iPhone6S 128GB gold
    MKQT2J / A iPhone6S 128GB space_gray
    MKQW2J / A iPhone6S 128GB rosegld
    MKU22J / A iPhone6S + 16GB silver
    MKU32J / A iPhone6S + 16GB gold
    MKU12J / A iPhone6S + 16GB space_gray
    MKU52J / A iPhone6S + 16GB rosegld
    MKU72J / A iPhone6S + 64GB silver
    MKU82J / A iPhone6S + 64GB gold
    MKU62J / A iPhone6S + 64GB space_gray
    MKU92J / A iPhone6S + 64GB rosegld
    MKUE2J / A iPhone6S + 128GB silver
    MKUF2J / A iPhone6S + 128GB gold
    MKUD2J / A iPhone6S + 128GB space_gray
    MKUG2J / A iPhone6S + 128GB rosegld

  3. ABDULLA says

    hong kong stock

    iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold MKQM2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 16GB Gold MKQL2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 16GB silver MKQK2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 16GB Space Grey MKQJ2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 64GB Rose Gold MKQR2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 64GB Gold MKQQ2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 64GB silver MKQP2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 64GB Space Grey MKQN2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 128GB rose gold MKQW2ZP/A UNLOCKED
    iPhone 6s 128GB Gold MKQV2ZP/A UNLOCKED

    • Joe says

      Im using iphone model MKQQ2ZP/A bought in Singapore..but i cannot find mobile network here in North east India and app store and itune store are written in Chinese..i cannot change the language to English…i would appreciate your help.

  4. David says

    slight update from an Italian reseller

    SKU: iPhone 6s 64GB unlocked
    MKQR2QL/A rose-gold

  5. Hemant Jain says

    which iPhone model should I buy from UK which I can used it in India with India’s local network sim provider?

  6. Matt says

    Any chance you can provide carrier/color-specific model numbers for the new 32GB configurations of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? I can’t seem to locate them anywhere.

  7. Chris says

    NKQJ2ZD/A? This is my model number? What it is? They give me the new iPhone from service,is it refurb? Or what ? Imei And product number is ok in iTunes and Apple check warrenty

  8. Heiko says

    I bought a used iPhone 6s
    Modell A1688 MKQR2J/A

    Is this a japanese Version – Camera shutter sound cannot be diabled

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