iPhone 6 Model Numbers


The iPhone 6 Plus features a 4.7″ display and has a release date of September 19th 2014. There are currently 3 different models. Model A1549 (GSM) and Model A1549 (CDMA) as well as Model A1586. To see which LTE bands are supported by which country and model refer to Apple’s guide here: http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/

Below are the known iPhone 6 Model Numbers and iPhone 6 Part Numbers:


iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MG542LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MG5A2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray (GSM) T-Mobile MG572LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MG562LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MG5D2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Gold (GSM) T-Mobile MG592LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MG552LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MG5C2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Silver (GSM) T-Mobile MG582LL/A



iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MG4N2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MG4W2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray (GSM) AT&T MG4R2LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MG4Q2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MG502LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Gold (GSM) AT&T MG4V2LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MG4P2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MG4X2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Silver (GSM) AT&T MG4U2LL/A



iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MG692LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MG6G2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray (CDMA) Sprint MG6D2LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MG6C2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MG6J2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Gold (CDMA) Sprint MG6F2LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MG6A2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MG6H2LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Silver (CDMA) Sprint MG6E2LL/A



iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG5W2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG632LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG602LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG5Y2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG652LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Gold (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG622LL/A
iPhone 6 16GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG5X2LL/A
iPhone 6 64GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG642LL/A
iPhone 6 128GB Silver (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG612LL/A



iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray Apple Internal NG4N2LL/A


International iPhone 6 models

please send us information on any international iPhone 6 model if you have it.  Here are a few to get started:


CANADA iPhone 6  Model Numbers:

Canada iPhone 6 16GB Space Grey Unlocked MG3A2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 64GB Space Grey Unlocked MG3H2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 128GB Space Grey Unlocked MG3E2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 16GB Gold Unlocked MG3D2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 64GB Gold Unlocked MG3L2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 128GB Gold Unlocked MG3G2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 16GB Silver Unlocked MG3C2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 64GB Silver Unlocked MG3K2CL/A
Canada iPhone 6 128GB Silver Unlocked MG3F2CL/A

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  1. david says

    good afternoon. please tell me you can help unlock iPfone6 AT & T wholesale party. Without opening the box of a new phone and not connected to the iTunce

  2. Roger says

    I submitted a request on their website, they sent me an email saying “We are unable to process your request through this channel”. Any idea?

  3. Miro says

    Hello, just to submit an international iPhone 6 16bg grey space model: MG472B/A from Bulgaria.
    Do you think will the T-Mobile/Contract-free model: MG542LL/A work in Bulgaria?

  4. Ronald says

    I just bought an iPhone 6 128 GB from a retailer store in UAE. The part number in the box is MG4V2LL/A (AT&T according to the list). The retailer claimed that the phone is unlocked and ready to be use with any GSM carrier. Is that possible? I can’t install a SIM card because I don’t have any nano SIM card with me

    The retailer appears as official Apple reseller in UAE (the phone came in a white sealed box without picture in the front, only iphone&logo in the sides and the information in the back)

  5. MoonHo says

    hi, i got one i6 128GB gold, model A1549, part no. MG592LL/A. Can this mobile use in asia countries e.g. Singapore, malaysia, taiwan, korea..etc?

  6. Chris says

    Hey I need some help guys my iPhone model number is NG4N2LL/A I have the space gray iPhone 6 16gb I cannot find anything on that model number and this forum shows that it’s the apple “internal” model what does that mean , can someone help me

  7. aseeralshog says

    Hi Dear.
    I have a iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray (CDMA) Verizon Wireless MG5W2LL/A.

    is it an open network or no?

    Is it possible for this device to work on gsm networks without problems?

  8. Hisham says

    I have an iPhone 6 64 gig, space grey, Model A 1549, Part No MG5A2LL/A, will this phone work in Qatar?

    Please Advise.. Thanks in advance..

  9. Christian says

    I have bought the iPhone MG4N2LL/A as a AT&T unlocked iPhone 6.
    Why do I have to start it imperatively without the AT&T chip that comes along already from teh very first time?
    Does it lock into AT&T if I start it the first time with the chip it comes mounted from the APPLE Store?

  10. Kirbalo says

    The T-Mobile Factory Unlocked and the SIM-Free Factory Unlocked iPhones from the Apple Store differ in their part numbers.

    The Apple Store SIM-Free Factory Unlocked part numbers are below:

    iPhone 6 16GB Gold Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG492LL/A
    iPhone 6 64GB Gold Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4J2LL/A
    iPhone 6 128GB Gold Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4E2LL/A
    iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG472LL/A
    iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4F2LL/A
    iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4A2LL/A
    iPhone 6 16GB Silver Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG482LL/A
    iPhone 6 64GB Silver Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4H2LL/A
    iPhone 6 128GB Silver Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4C2LL/A

  11. Andreas Reineke says

    Hi, I bought an iPhone 6 64GB Silver Apple SIM-Free Factory Unlocked MG4H2LL/A , A1586 in US.
    Somehow it is not working in China with China mobile 3G/4G.
    2G is working, but super slow.
    Is there anything I can do to overcome this problem?
    I was told that the Hongkong version (which is also A1586) is working in China mobile network without limitation. Is there any H/W difference? Can I change my phone to same S/W or F/W like the Hongkong version?
    Thanks in advance

  12. acoolguy says

    Do the Verizon and Sprint models work with GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and their respective MVNOs?

  13. Batel says

    I’ve heard about a new model# NG4U2LL/A

    What’s that supposed to mean ? usual models start with (MG….) but this one starts with (NG…….)

    Should I be worried buying such a model ?

    Thanks !

  14. Kelly says

    My son’s IPhone 6 (Verizon) worked for a couple of months with a T-Mobile SIM Card. When I went to re-suspend his verizon account to continue using t-mobile while he studies in Canada, the verizon employee put it in as “lost or stolen.” They claim they fixed it but now the phone won’t work on the t-mobile network even though the lost/stolen lock is no longer active. We have tried everything to reset the phone but nothing works. Any recommendations to continue our service with T-Mobile?

  15. Carlokelly says

    hi, these issues about my iphone 6 i bought it from online store w/c is Lazada.philippines. once my iphone6 has an error 53 itunes and i cant use it anymore. so i go to MAC apple service center nerby cause it has a valid warranty, and when i go thier they found out that my iphone 6 MG3D2CL/A. one of the service provider tell is not their liabilities to give me a service or repair for my iphone6 because it was bought to abroad w/c is Canada iphone unit.

    My question is why there’s no service and warranty supposed to be claim when my product is Original Apple iphone. please help me and give me some advice.. thanks

  16. Bayron Arnoldo Carreño says

    Buenas tardes tengo modelo MG3C2CL/A, esta conmpañia tigo, sera que se puede liberar, ya se termino el contrato.

  17. Josephine Lono says

    I have a used iphone6 64gb model #NG4W2LL/A. Is this GSM? or CDMA. I need to get a sim card from my carrier. I need to order either a GSM or CDMA card. I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you!

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