iPhone 5 Scratches Very Easy

The iPhone 5 scratches very easy as you can see from the picture above. It looks like the guys at Zagg and other clear protective shield and case manufactures will love this. Lots of people like to put cases on their iPhone for looks, others put them on for protection, but now it appears you will have to protect your iPhone 5 in some way shape or form or it will look like garbage in a few short days.

The photo above show the damage that the iPhone sim card removal pin did to the back of the black iPhone 5. The edge, circled in yellow, was done with a pair of keys.

Since Apple is now using an aluminum metal and painting it black, scratches are going to be really easy to get and they will definitely show on the black model.

We have no word on what the white model looks like scratched yet. Is this going to change you color choice? What color are you going to get?

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