iPhone 5 on T-Mobile LTE

As we all know the iPhone 5 was just announced. The bad news is that T-Mobile is not an official carrier yet again. The good news however is that the iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s LTE network.

LTE is super fast, and probably faster than most people’s home Wifi. T-Mobile is in the process of upgrading all of their towers to the 1900MHz spectrum. Some of those towers are already live. I personally have already connected my iPhone 4S to a T-Mobile 1900MHz tower and was able to get really fast speeds.

T-Mobile expects to have all of their towers upgraded by the end of the year. This is great news for people currently on T-Mobile and for those thinking about switching!

Model Number2

LTE Band Support3


Supported LTE Networks

Model A1428
(GSM model)

4 (AWS)

17 (700b MHz)

United StatesAT&TCanada

  • Bell (including Virgin)
  • Rogers (including Fido)
  • Telus (including Koodo)

Model A1429
(CDMA model)

1 (2100 MHz)

3 (1800 MHz)

5 (850 MHz)

13 (700c MHz)

25 (1900 MHz)

United States

  • Sprint
  • Verizon


Model A1429
(GSM model)

1 (2100 MHz)

3 (1800 MHz)

5 (850 MHz)

GermanyDeutsche TelekomUnited KingdomEverything Everywhere

  • Orange
  • T-Mobile


  • Optus (including Virgin)
  • Telstra


  • SK Telecom
  • KT

Hong KongSmarToneSingapore

  • M1
  • SingTel


Here is a link to Apple’s page with all of the LTE details and which carriers support it.

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  1. iPhone5King says

    T-Mobile doesn’t have LTE. They will most likely never have LTE. They have beefed up 3G that they are trying to pass off as “4G’.

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