iPhone 4th Gen Confirmed! Videos, Pics, Specs

Well, these past 72 hours have been very exciting. It seems as though the 4th generation iPhone that was leaked both back in February 20th and the one from Saturday night is, in fact, real.

There was never any doubt in my mind that this was the next iPhone. Now, Gizmodo has obtained the mysterious device and has even opened it.

As expected, the insides were full of “APPLE” logos and trademarks. It wasn’t a red circuit board, meaning that this may, in fact be, the final production model that we will see in June. I bet Apple is jusf working on the OS.

Now. according to Gizmodo, they managed to get the device, it indeed has a camera flash, way better back facing camera, and a new high resolution front facing camera.

Not only that, but the screen is high resolution. They say that the USB cable picture that the iPhone shows when it’s in restore mode was in such a high resolution, that they couldn’t see any individual pixels.

Not just that, they say that it behaved as an iPhone when hooked up to a computer. iTunes, XCode, and the Finder/Explorer discovered it as an iPhone in DFU mode. As well as the Vendor IDs not matching any previous iPhone.

Now, they do say that it does indeed take microSIMs. This is still a very odd choice to me. I refused to believe this until Gizmodo did a tear down. Now, it is slightly heavier. 3 grams heavier.

So why the new square design? Because it can’t support having curves on it. The internals are as squished together as possible. Apple made the battery 18% larger than the 3GS battery, as well as radically miniturizing the internal parts. Everything is insanely small.

Now, why the glass (or plastic) back? Simple. Cell signals can’t go through metal. This is a design trade-off that Apple hoped to not have to do, but they have to, as we all know, great cell reception is the #1 thing that all cell phones should have.

Now, the disguise this thing was wearing was very interesting. It was a case that disguised this new iPhone as an iPhone 3GS. It was the perfect disguise.

Also, a few sources have stated that the device is Apple’s prototype and they really want it back. This is just another reason to add to the stacks of evidence.

So what OS was it running? It was running iPhone OS 4.0. Apple killed the iPhone remotely before Gizmodo could play with it. However, the person who discovered the iPhone says that they were playing with it, and that it was indeed running iPhone OS 4.0.

Well guys, I hate to say it, but, I told ya so. 🙂 This story is huge. Tell all of your friends and link to us! I expect this to be the iPhone that is revealed in 2 months. So take a sneak peek!

Now, I’ve been talking with Mike about this, and I believe that this may have been intentional. This just seems too perfect to me. The whole thing. I was thinking that this may have been intentional to see how the world would react to the new design and to see if they forgot something before final release.

This whole things seems a little too perfect to be true. I mean, why would Apple, such a huge company and world renounded for it’s secrecy, allow an iPhone prototype to be taken out to the public, and worst, to a bar, and then had it dropped on the floor after a night of drinking? This is either a conspiracy to generate major buzz, or worse, someone got buzzed, as was stupid enough to take a 4th generation iPhone prorotype with them.

I bet they could figure out who was carrying the iPhone. They could look at security tapes to see who all came in and out of the bar, also to see whether they were holding the device. We may never know, even though I would love for a full investigation to go on, most likely, this won’t happen.

That’s all for now. 🙂

Here are some more pictures:


  1. DC says

    Also whats the futre of people who use tmoible with the iphone, so the new iphone only accepts mirco sim cards?

  2. says

    Chewie: Yes. It will. Our sources, as well as our analysis, confirms that it is. It will run on Verizon, however, I expect this to happen in the 4th Fiscal Quater in 2010, but the announcement will be in June.

    DC: I believe that T-Mobile will carry microSIMS, in time. Before 2011

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