iPhone 4 Unlocked In CANADA!

Looks like people from the US will be making a trip across the boarder if they want to get a phone that works all over the world or just want to get away from AT&T.

Now that the iPhone page is up on Apple’s Canadian page Apple.com/ca. We discovered some interesting news.  Under the FAQ section we see:

Does iPhone work with any SIM card or carrier worldwide?

iPhone 3GS works with SIM cards and iPhone 4 works with micro-SIM cards from compatible carriers, including prepaid cards. Non-GSM carrier networks do not support iPhone. Availability of 3G data depends on carrier support for the radio frequencies used by iPhone.

Can I use my iPhone outside my home country?

Yes. iPhone is enabled to work on carrier networks using GSM around the world. Because the iPhone sold by the Apple Online Store is commitment-free, you can purchase a SIM or micro-SIM card and service from a local carrier at your destination. Or check with your home carrier regarding international roaming charges.

That being said we do not see any mention of the on the Apple US site. We only get information about AT&T and their international rates:

Can I purchase an iPhone and use it abroad?

Yes. Outside the U.S., voice and data usage, including data usage incurred by Visual Voicemail messages, is charged at international rates. AT&T offers four discount international data packages that can significantly reduce the cost of using data abroad.

Now we know why AT&T is trying to get people to upgrade early.  They know that people can easily get the iPhone from their neighbor and move to T-Mobile.  Hey we might even see T-Mobile as a standard carrier later this year. T-Mobile is a much better candidate than Verizon or Sprint because they still use the same GSM technology as AT&T.  All Apple would have to do is update the phone to support T-Mobile’s 3G.

Currently you can purchase what appears to be an unlocked 8GB iPhone 3GS from Canada for $549.00.  No word yet as to when the iPhone 4 will be available.  We will keep you posted.


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