iPhone 4 Manufacturing Flaws

OK many reports are coming in that many people are having issues with their brand new iPhone’s.  Some are seeing a yellow tint on their screen, some all are having signal issues if you hold the phone in your left hand, and some have the volume buttons switched around.  Do any of you have these problems?

Apple says that the yellow spots are left over residue of the manufacturing process and will go away after a bit.  If you want to get a new replacement phone you are going to have to wait at least a week and the problem might be gone by then.

The next problem that people are noticing are the volume buttons were put on wrong.  The + is on the bottom and the – is on the top and when you press them they do the opposite.

The last issue we have noticed with the iPhone 4 is happening to everyone. Apple’s response is that you are holding the phone wrong. We can confirm though that if you put a case on your iPhone 4 it will fix the problem. Since the antenna’s bare metal is exposed, blocking it with your hand is causing interference.

Apple seems to be rushing these things out and needs to take their time or hire more workers instead of having the Foxconn employees working all day and night.


  1. koonce10 says

    Has anyone had a problem w the sim card disconnecting? Every once n a while mine says no sim card so I have to take it out and reinsert it!!

  2. Andy says

    I have no problems with mine. 🙂 very unfortunate though, i would of been real f***ing pissed. Btw loving the site.

  3. Phil says

    Wow i didnt know about the left hand thing, i was holding the phone in my right hand with 5 bars then i switched to left and got 0 bars. Other than that all fine.

  4. T says

    I held my phone in my left hand and tried to block the signal and it went down to 3 bars out of 5 but now when I try it only goes down to 4 out of 5. With my case it doesn’t happen at all. The buttons are good and no screen tint

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