iPhone 4 Launch Date Is June 24th… Why?

Hey guys, well, it seems odd to me that the iPhone 4’s launch date is so far out there, I anticipated a June 18th launch, however, I forgot to take something into account, the Steve factor.

As you all know, Steve used to be the CEO of Pixar and he is now on the board of directors at Disney. So? Take a nice guess at when their biggest film of the year will launch… June 18th.

Toy Story 3 is due out on June 18th, so Apple launching something on the same day would cannibalize sales for both companies alike.

Not Jobs-like at all. So if you can’t wait for iPhone 4, you can blame my childhood favorite, Toy Story.


  1. Bree says

    Nah- it’s b/c June 24th is my b-day and now hubs is obligated to buy me the new iphone.

    Except, you know, AT&T’s ridiculous new data plans. Jobs is shooting consumers and advertisers in the foot with that one. Why would I click on an iAD- even for TS3- if I have to worry a/b limits?

  2. says

    T: lol, my bad! lol

    Bree: lolz, mine’s in July 9th! Also, yes, I agree, AT&T and O2’s plans are ridiculous

    Angel: lol, the iPhone 4 isn’t available in Australia yet, you may have to wait until July, even then, it’ll be like $900.

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