iPhone 4 Bumper Case

Apple is in the case business now too.  First the iPad case and now bumper cases for the iPhone 4.  For $29 these are most likely not going to protect your iPhone 4 from a fall (well somewhat they will..).  These are more just to change the look since Apple only offers 2 colors of the iPhone 4 currently.

There will be 6 different colors to choose from the start: white, black, blue, green, orange, and pink. They fit around the edge of your iPhone 4. With metal buttons for volume and power, two-tone colors, and a combination of rubber and molded plastic, Bumpers add a touch of style to your iPhone 4.


    • LEI Mobile says

      me too. I am contacting my otterbox rep and I will have a review up as soon as I get one of their cases.

  1. T says

    So you could get one of these and whenever they make a new zagg invisi shield it would probably be easy to put on the front and back cause they’re flat and then you’d be set. And it would still look like an iPhone

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