iPhone 4 Antennagate Class Action Suit Settled

Apple has settled the iPhone 4 antenna problem via a class action lawsuit. There were 18 separate cases that were consolidated into one class action suit. When the iPhone 4 was first launched there were many reports of customers experiencing low signals, dropped calls, and an overall degradation of service when holding the iPhone 4 in your hand without a case or bumper.

Apple initially tried to dove the problem stating that it was a software issue and that they would put out a software fix. Apparently that was not the case and they decided to launch the Free iPhone 4 case program, which entitled customers to get a free case to fix their problem. Now, 2 years later, Apple has officially settled and will be providing eligible customers $15 in cash or a bumper case. The lawyers claim that 25 million people may be eligible.

The website http://iPhone4Settlement.com will have all of the details on the case and how to make a claim. Apple will send out an email to all eligible customers notifying them of the situation. If you think you were affected, keep your eye out for that email. We will provide more information here as we get it.

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