iPad Accessory For Those Who Have Fat Fingers

Ok well your fingers can’t be that fat when you are using an iPad, but for those of you who want that extra precision or just prefer to use a stylus, Wacom has designed a new Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. The Bamboo Stylus delivers a high-end look, natural, weighted feel of a real pen, to give you capabilities for drawing, sketching and note taking on an iPad.

Some of the benefits include:
* Improves experiences with applications for sketching
* Sophisticated black and silver design with satin-textured metal body
* 25 percent slimmer tip than main competitors (6mm vs. 8mm)
* Weight-balanced design
* Smooth soft tip for best pen-on-screen feeling

The Bamboo Stylus for iPad will not be available until later next month. You can order the Bamboo Stylus directly from Wacom for around $3o or you could also contact Mike at Nor-Tech for better pricing.

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