iPad 3G Models Are Shipping!

Looks like Apple is shipping out your 3G iPad preorders.  You should see yours delivered on Friday or if you did not preorder you can pick it up at the Apple store at 5PM this Friday.

Usually Apple ships their preordered products overnight so some people may see it a bit earlier. Did you preorder your or are you going to go camp at the Apple store?


  1. brandon says

    i hope they ship mine overnight today….. i havnt gotten an update just yet 🙁

    after the cancellations and redealing mine was probably the last preorder they allowed

  2. says

    If I get my money today or tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be “camping out” at the Jordan Creek Apple Store, lol.

    I hope they’ll sell me my Wi-Fi iPad in the midst of the iPad 3G’s launch day, lolz.

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