iOS DevCenter Now Open: Go Grab iOS 5!

Looks like Apple has finally opened up the iOS DevCenter so that developers can go and download the iOS 5 Beta!

Downloads include:

iOS 5 beta (iPad 2 Wi-Fi)
iOS 5 beta (iPad 2 GSM)
iOS 5 beta (iPad 2 CDMA)
iOS 5 beta (iPad)
iOS 5 beta (iPhone 4 GSM)
iOS 5 beta (iPhone 4 CDMA)
iOS 5 beta (iPhone 3GS)
iOS 5 beta (iPod touch 4th generation)
iOS 5 beta (iPod touch 3rd generation)

Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5 beta (Snow Leopard)
Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5 beta (Lion)

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  1. Justin says

    I had you add me when Lion beta came out in February. Now when I log into my dev account, it acts like I am no longer a member. So do you remove people as your spots fill up?

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