iOS 6 Announcement

Will be released: Fall 2012

iPhone 3GS and later

iPad 2nd and 3rd generation

iPod Touch 4th generation

Features include:

-Siri can do more things than she could 8 months ago. Sports Info, Ratings for Restaurants, OpenTable to make reservations, Movie Info, Launch Apps, Tweet, Eyes Free. New Languages. Local Search Worldwide. In iOS 6 Siri for the New iPad.

-Facebook. Just like Twitter but its Facebook. Contact syncing with Facebook.

-Twitter and Facebook posting from Notification Center.

-Missed Call Option: Reply with Message, Remind Me Later

-Do Not Disturb. One switch to not be bothered by notifications. Selective options will be available.

– FaceTime over Cellular!

-Safari: iCloud Tabs, Offline Reading List, Upload photos from Safari, Smart App Banners

– Photo Stream: Shared Photo Streams

– Mail: VIP Lists, Flagged Mailbox, Pull to Refresh

– Passbook: Store boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets. With Geolocate, your card will come up near by.

– Guided Access: Disable app controls with ease.

– Maps: No Google Maps, Integrated Yelp, Traffic Service, Incident Reports, Anonymous Real-time Crowd-source, turn by turn navigation, Lockscreen Integration, Siri Integration.

– Flyover: 3D Models of cities around the world.

– Per Account Signatures in Mail

– Lost Mode: Send a callable phone number to a lost device

– Improved Privacy Controls

– Alarm with Song

– Custom Alert Vibrations

– Kernel ASLR…… Bad for Jailbreakers, good for security

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