1. Kevin says

    after updating my iphone 4 i get an error 1630 about can’t update the carrier settings. my phone is factory unlocked and I use it with t-mobile. Also when I check for updates in settings it says I am unable to check for settings. Any ideas why this is happening??

        • says

          It is always better to set up as a new phone and then resync, but it you need your old text messages than you can restore from a backup, but you may run into possible battery issues.

          • fernando alves says

            i had the same problem. after set up with backup the problem still there. After restart as new phone, same issue. and.. now the battery is too poor and never accept recharge more than 10 to 20 per cent.
            Regards. Fernando-Portugal

  2. Marco says

    itunes no ha podido comprobar si hay una actualizacion de los ajustes de operador para su iphone. (error 1630)

    Ayuda que puedo hacer?

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