iOS 4 Out Today! Do Not Update Yet

Apple is releasing their latest firmware iOS 4.  If you want the ability to unlock your iPhone to use on a different carrier, do not update yet.  Please wait for the iPhone Dev Team’s official instructions.  You may need to be at 3.1.3 in order to unlock before you upgrade to OS 4.0.  Please stay tuned. We will bring you all of the latest news as soon as we here it!


  1. Dd says

    I wanna get an iPhone and unlock it with Tmobile. Then I wanna use their web only plan to get internet for $40 and then use VoIP and a texting app to get phone-like features free. Is this a good plan to get a discounted bill? I’ve been asking all over but nobody has helped me.

  2. Jared says

    Hey is it cool to update if I have my shsh hashs saved on saurik server for 3.1.3 bc I am 1 of the lucky who preordered at best buy in staten island I’m #2 on da list. So I plan on updating til Thursday and Downgrading bak to 3.1.3 to sell my mint condition 16gb black 3gs unlocked and jailbroken wen the unlock comes out. U can find the sale on eBay (jarmel111507) will negotiate email cohenjar7@gmail will donate if sold through this posting to lei thanx guys got u on godfinger also sick game thanks for pointing it out

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