[UPDATED 2X] iOS 4 Now Available On iTunes!

UPDATE: What the hell? It’s the same build number as the GM that us iPhone Developers received 2 weeks ago. I thought that a later version would have been distributed. Well, a jailbreak should come out 2X as fast then. 😀 Godspeed Dev Team.

UPDATE 2: I have finished posting the download links to iOS 4 for all of the devices. 🙂 Enjoy! (However, don’t update if you are jailbroken, wait for the jailbreak!)

Hey guys, looks like iOS 4 just went live on iTunes. Now, if you are on an officially unlocked iPhone or on AT&T and not in need of an unlock or jailbreak, you can go ahead and download it right now on iTunes!

For the rest of us, those who need a jailbreak, unlock, or simply not on one of Apple’s official carriers, then we will have to hold off for a little bit more while the jailbreak is completed.

Now, I am a very impatient person, but we will all probably have to wait up to 72 hours for the jailbreak. It took 2.5 days when iOS 3 came out last year, so expect similar wait times.

You can download the firmware from the bottom of the article but DO NOT restore or update to it until you can make a custom firmware!

So everyone, as we wait patiently for the jailbreak, we can at least start downloading the 240+MB 292.1MB firmware file.

Here’s the pop up that comes when you update:

Now, to install these, you have to download them (if Safari changed their extension to .zip, change it to .ipsw), then go into iTunes, plug in your iOS Device, and hold down shift (PC) or alt (Mac) while clicking on the “UPDATE” button in iTunes. Then choose the firmware and update!

As I said before, if you want a jailbreak or an unlock, DO NOT UPDATE!

Download for iPhone 3G

Download for iPhone 3G S

Download for iPod touch 2G

Download for iPod touch G3

Download for iPhone 4


  1. CharlesIphone says

    Hey, you forgot to link to the iOS 4 download. It says “HERE” but when i click it nothing happends

  2. Matt says

    UPDATING FROM iOS4 (BETA 5)******

    Would not allow me to install the update by clicking ‘Check For Update’
    Back up device and do a restore. It then allows the new final version to install.

    You will need to do a complete restore as a new phone, NOT FROM A BACKUP!!

    Then manually set up your device again. Welcome to the wonderful world of using DevSoftware.

    • says

      Yeah, no prob. 🙂 Yep, it’s the same iOS 4 version, so let’s if the iPhone Dev Team can jailbreak it in a matter of a few minutes to a couple hours. 🙂

  3. Matt says

    Doing a full restore on my 3GS
    It’s showing it will sync books from my iPad…….but to where?
    iBooks hasn’t released yet.

    Will keep you posted

  4. Matt says

    Ok got a Notification window saying that I don’t have iBooks installed on my iPhone.

    It then reads “You can add the iBooks application to your iPhone using the Apps tab”

    Here goes……and……..looks like this only showing that you can add iBooks to your phone, after you get it from the store.

    GRRRRRRRRRR!! Native PDF sync will make my life MUCH easier!

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