iOS 4 Launches Monday: What You Need To Know

Hey everyone, well, I am extremely excited for iOS 4! It will officially launch on Monday! (I think it will launch at 11am (central), 9am (Pacific) world wide).

Anyways, there are a few things you should do and should know before you update to iOS 4 on Monday! The first is data backups.

It is very wise to sync 2 or 3 times between today and Monday morning. I take this step very seriously myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost stuff.

Also, if any of your apps have files (or if you’ve gotten some stuff in the filesystem) back that up too! I use iDownload a lot, so I make sure to get all of my files before a major OS update.

Next up, if you’re jailbroken, make a list of all of your installed packages. Take screenshots if necessary.

Also, back up your homescreen icons! Take screenshots of all of your app pages! I say this because I don’t recommend “restoring from backup” on a major OS update. You WILL have battery, wi-fi, bluetooth, and performance issues if you restore from back up from one major OS version to a newer one (I’ve experienced this first hand!).

So that’s backing up your data. Next, make sure to update to iTunes 9.2! You WILL NOT be able to use iOS 4 on iTunes 9.1.1 or older, iTunes 9.2 is required!

Also, have a dependable computer and a dependable cable! If there are any issues with either, your iOS 4 install could cause headaches.

This next one is crucial, stay tuned here! I will provide a direct link to iOS 4 after it’s out! If you update to the developer GM Candidate, you won’t have the latest. The GM we got isn’t a GM at all, Apple refers to it as “beta 5”.

Also, we will provide a go ahead for us jailbreakers and unlockers. I will post a link to the latest Pwnage Tool and other jailbreak tools when they arrive.

Now here’s something else, MuscleNerd has confirmed that the baseband in iOS 4 is 100% unlockable. He also says that the iPhone 4 is unlockable! However, DO NOT update via iTunes if you are unlocked today!

If you do, the unlock will most likely NOT be here at the same time as the jailbreak, so I suggest making a custom firmware. I’m still on the 3.0 baseband and I am not going to update my baseband, even though I know an unlock is on it’s way. I’d prefer to unlock on day 1, than having to wait a month.

Now, us iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S (old bootrom) and iPod touch 2G (non-MC) owners can jailbreak on day 1, now, there are rumors that they have discovered another userland jailbreak (and even another possible “PWNAGE” (permanent) jailbreak for you iPhone 3G S (MC), iPod touch 2G (MC), iPod touch G3, iPad, and iPhone 4 users!) but don’t expect a hack on day 1 for you guys.

Also, us iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G users won’t have multi-tasking out of the box (maybe homescreen wallpaper, but not sure), however, they are in the OS, you will need to jailbreak and edit your respective plists to enable these features 🙂

Also, there is just 1 more thing. iPhone 1st generation and iPod touch 1st generation people, you won’t get iOS 4, period. Sorry! (I’m sure someone will hack it onto your guy’s devices somehow).

So, Monday is the day everyone! I’m excited, and I hope you are too! June 24th is also the iPhone 4 launch, so this week is a lot of Apple stuff, so get ready!


  1. LEI Mobile says

    I hope the unlocked is released the same day and they don’t wait until the release of the iPhone 4 or later.

  2. RT says

    So for guys like me who r on newer bootrom with 3.1.3. Jailbreak recently with Spirit and waiting to unlock, do u recommend upgrading or should we wait for couple days to see what’s to best way to UNLOCK also?

  3. says

    Well, first thing is first, you have to wait for a jailbreak. The rumor Is that they have one, but until I see it, I can’t confirm it. Spirit is a user land jailbreak. As in, it can be patched, very easily, and it has. iOS 4 isn’t Spirit friendly.

    I’m sure that they will release an unlock along with your guys jailbreak.

    I recommend staying where you are, sorry, not much that can be done about the new bottom devices.

    It won’t be a couple days, I can guarantee that. They will wait a while so enough people can get their iPhone 4 models. I hate that they do this, but it’s unfortunately what they do.

  4. says

    Geeker: Yes and No. Yes, the term “iOS” takes care of the iPad’s OS, but no, tomorrow’s iOS 4 release is iPhone and iPod touch only.

    Us iPad owners will get iOS 4 (I think more like iOS 4.1) in the “Fall” (AKA September) However, I think Steve Jobs will hold another keynote in July or August to show off the iPad’s iOS 4.1 and give us developers time to update our apps for the new OS and multi-tasking on the new iPad OS.

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