iOS 4 GM (Public) and iOS 4 GM (Developer) Share Same Build Number, However, Are Completely Different!

Hey everyone, I just recieved some news that I thought I would share. Well, looks like the iOS 4 that went public just a few minutes ago is not like the developer copy. It is “very different”. So I guess Apple chose to use the same build number for iOS 4, but they have indeed made changes to the firmware (on the lower level side).

So we will have to wait for the jailbreak, but it looks like our hopes for a “few minutes” jailbreak probably won’t come true. This sucks, but eh, it’s Apple. At least we will have a speedier iOS 4 with less bugs!

Also, if you are a developer or downloaded a developer GM of the firmware, DO NOT USE IT! DELETE IT! Also, grab the official one from iTunes. There are major changes between the developer GM and the public GM, so make sure that you don’t mistake them for eachother because they have the same build number!

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