iOS 4.2 Makes The iPad’s Camera Connection Kit Less Functional

Hey guys, looks like Apple wasn’t very fond of people using the camera connection kit to use wired keyboards, USB flash drives, and microphones with the iPad. As of iOS 4.2, Apple has cut the amount of power that the 30-pin dock connector gives off to external devices.

The iPad used to output 100mA, but as of iOS 4.2, it only gives off a mere 20mA. While this is great for battery life, this is not so great for people who had the extra functionality given by Apple’s own camera connection kit, which retailed for $29.

I honestly could see this happening when people discovered that you could connect other things to the iPad besides an SD card or a camera.

I’m also sure that we will see a hack that solves this issue soon. It may be sooner rather than later.

More to come…

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