Intoxicase Five Review – The iPhone 5 Bottle Opener

Drinking is one of the main social activities that most people are enjoying now. But what if you are out camping in the wilderness and instead of bringing a bottle opener you just brought your iPhone? Then the Intoxicase Five is the product for you. This is a revolutionary product that conveniently packs up two things at once. This is a revolutionary upgrade to your gadget that allows you to conveniently bring a portable bottle opener without the trouble of remembering it always. You will be sure to lend a hand to your friends and also have the easiness of opening a bottle without the trouble of always bringing a conventional bottle opener.

The Intoxicase Five is for bottle beverage drinkers who are always having trouble opening their cold drinks because there is no bottle opener. This enhancement on your gadget will definitely solve all of your bottle opening troubles and make your drinking sessions more fun and sealed cap free. You at the same time have all the normal functions of your phone but can use your phone as something else. Its ingenious design can withstand any bottle opening without the fear of breaking your phone into two because of the leverage.

The product called Intoxicase Five is a gadget enhancement that combines your iPhone 5 with a small but strong bottle opener that is handy in events that involves drinking such as parties, bar hopping, camping and even sleep over. The difficulty of opening a beer bottle or any bottle cap is one of the problems that are encountered by bottled beverage drinkers everywhere. The Intoxicase Five is a small bottle opener that is attached inside a poly-carbon case that is fitted perfectly. The outside case is designed to be unique and cool looking unlike conventional bottle openers. The Intoxicase is like a second protective case that protects your iPhone against any damage without disrupting the phones beautiful look.

The Intoxicase five is build with features that will wow and make any drinker say “why didn’t I think of that”. The features include the following;

  • It is made with high quality durable stainless steel bottle opener.
  • It is mounted to a polycarbonate protective case that is durable and light.
  • The bottle opener is molded into an oval shape to allow distribution of the pressure from the leverage motion of opening a bottle.
  • The Intoxicase is designed to look thin to blend with the design of the iPhone.
  • The case has the vital stats of 2.4 inches for the width and 4.6 inches for the height and it is just .5 inch in thickness.
  • The bottle opener is made with a tight camp design to maximize the opening force of the case.

Intioxicase is a revolutionary designed product made for the convenience of having a portable bottle opener everywhere you go. It has all the technological functions of your iPhone and at the same time it can be used as a portable bottle opener without experiencing any damage to your iPhone. The bottle opener that is mounted in the case is made with high quality stainless steel and the case itself is made with a strong polycarbonate material.

The only downside of the Intoxicase is that it is not available for other types of phones that only make it as a product made for iPhone users. But even with the limited scope of users it truly is a very handy product.

The idea of making an iPhone case that can also be used a bottle opener is a very brilliant idea. The popularity of bottled drinks everywhere and the increasing trend and demand of the iPhone makes the Intoxicase a very timely invention.

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