IMEI Unlock: The Permanent iPhone unlock solution just got cheaper

The iPhone IMEI unlock solution is basically a permanent factory unlock for the iPhone. confirmed today that after extensive testing they have released their IMEI unlocking service to the public.

They have been in the iPhone unlocking business since 2007 and lately , mainly focused on selling Gevey sim imposers and offering iPhone repair services to their customers.
In search to find a solution for the many customers with iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 with latest baseband ( non supported by Gevey sim) they started testing with IMEI unlocks.

In the beginning being very skeptical about this, we soon learned that these unlocks work flawlessly.
The process is extremely simple: The user submits his iPhone’s IMEI number at the site and selects the original carrier of the iPhone.
After 1-4 days the user then receives an Email with the message that the iPhone is unlocked. Permanently.
You then simply connect the iPhone to iTunes and you will see a message popup saying “Congratulations – Your iPhone is Unlocked”.
You can now use any Carrier sim in the iPhone, and enjoy the permanent unlock.

The main benefit of unlocking via IMEI is that users do not have to worry about future iOS updates: The unlock is permanent regardless of iOS version, baseband or model.
It will work worldwide, and there is no hassle with switching SIM imposers or non working unlocks after ( accidental) iOS upgrades. The downside of the IMEI unlocks is the price ( price varies from $40.00-$225.00 depending on the network and country) Also the unlock is not instant. The IMEI’s need to be processed and depending on the network it can take 2-6 days before the iPhone is unlocked.
The unlock for AT&T is so popular that they regularly disable the order form for IMEI unlocks. Currently for AT&T there is a waiting line of over 15 days, so the order form for AT&T is closed for now.

Another “problem” with the IMEI unlocks is that not all networks are available. New networks are being added regularly, but as of yet its not possible to unlock all networks.

The IMEI unlock is a great solution for everyone who wants to unlock his iPhone without hassle, or needs to unlock his iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1, as there currently is no other unlock available for this model.

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