1. ?Geek (aka Matt) says

    I dont see why they haven’t yet. Master Jobs stressed on stage @ WWDC10 that Devs need to update if they want their Apps to work properly.


    • says

      Yes, if they want them to work properly on iOS 4 and multitasking. Remember, the iPad is still on iOS 3.2 (even though it has home screen wallpaper, etc. it’s still on iOS 3.x) so no multi-tasking yet.

      We will have to wait until the Fall (September). Us devs will probably get the new iOS 4.1 for the iPad next month or August to play around with the OS. I can’t wait. That’s one OS I am definitely updating to, regardless of jailbreak.

  2. ?Geek (aka Matt) says


    Although only because the iPad JB doesn’t really get you much that iOS4 doesn’t have.

    My other 3GS (codename: DevPhone) is still on 3.1.3. It is however Factory Unlocked (it was purchased off contract and had to go in for repair so Apple sent me an Unlocked unit back ;P)

    Hopefully we get a JB & an Unlock on this new JB.

    • says

      Yeah, but I always cheer and preach jailbreaking and unlocking, but on the iPad, I don’t really do much other than manage processes on it and free RAM (and use virtual memory). Not much else.

      lol, “DevPhone” lol. Lucky! I want a factory unlocked phone but the damn things cost too much.

      I wonder if someone could go to an Apple Store in Australia and trade in an old iPhone under warrenty for a factory unlocked one…..

  3. Matt says

    Not sure is AusLand. I, in Canada.

    At least the Commonwealth states have some freedom!

    The $899 cost for an off contract phone was well worth it. Now if only I could get a free iPhone 4 out of Apple I would be ecstatic!

    (i’ve purchased over $ 6000 worth of Apple goodies in the past 12 months; don’t think I can afford an iPhone 4. I’m going to see what has to say…..wish me plenty of luck! I’m gonna need it!!)

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