HP Announces The Death Of WebOS; Victory For iOS & Android

Well, this is some pretty shocking news. HP has announced that it is going to kill off any and all webOS phones & tablets from here on in. As you may remember, HP purchased Palm because of it’s webOS technologies and it seems like their ROI (return on investment) is not as high as they thought it would be.

HP has said, in it’s conference call, that they are actively seeking a 3rd party to dump, I mean, unload webOS onto.

I always thought webOS was a very good and original operating system. The only issue that I ever saw with it was the hardware it was forced to be placed in. With iPhone 3G-like speeds, it wasn’t going to make any shockwaves, especially in the midst of the iPhone 3G S & iPhone 4.

Then came the tablet, it looked like webOS was built for the tablet, like iOS was for the iPad. However, the hardware that resembled that of an iPhone 3G’d iPad didn’t help it’s cause. Sales were so bad that Best Buy asked HP to have them buy back their 200,000 unsold tablets just a few days ago.

So, from all of us at LEI Mobile, RIP webOS. We hardly knew ye.

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