How To Unlock The Mac App Store’s Secret Debug Menu

Hey guys, how’s it going? Well, it looks like the Mac App Store left some things hidden in the application (left over from Apple testing).

To enable the menu, close the Mac App Store if it’s open. Then, open Terminal (search for it in Spotlight) and enter in the following:

defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true

Now, after entering the code, make sure to open the Mac App Store again and then check in your menu bar. You should see a “debug” option.

Go ahead and enable it and you can fool around with the settings.

Nothing groundbreaking here but it’s a neat little trick for those of you who are like me and like exploring and unlocking every hidden feature from software. 🙂

If you ever want the debug menu to go away, just make sure to close the Mac App Store, open terminal, and type in this code:

defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool false

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