HBO Go Now On iPhone And iPad

If you have an HBO subscription you probably already know about HBO Go. You can watch all you favorite HBO series and movies on demand anywhere.  Get unlimited access to over 1,400 of your favorite HBO shows, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, comedy and more. Plus, get bonus features and special behind-the-scenes extras.

Now HBO Go is on iOS.  You can stream over Wifi or 3G. It took me less than 2 minutes to set up an account and I was already watching a show. Currently there is no way to watch live TV. That would be really cool if they add that feature. So if HBO is part of your subscription go and download the HBO Go App.

Since I am not at home I have not been able to check to see if it supports AirPlay. I really hope it does!
UPDATE: We are getting reports that the HBO Go app only supports sound through AirPlay. I imagine there are some licensing issues that is stopping most of these companies from supporting AirPlay.

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  1. Rusty Greer says

    I have downloaded it. It does support AirPlay, but only the sound comes across for me. Is this a problem with the app or something in my setup? I get other video airplay stuff, so I am thinking it is the app.

    • Pam says

      I noticed this same problem. However if I hook up headphones I have sound….don’t understand it but it works.

  2. Lee says

    I am confused. They provide an app to use with wifi or 3G and you have to hook it up to a tv? What? Where is their support? Clicked on App Support tab on hbogo’s iTunes page and there is nothing. No support. I don’t get it. AirPlay? Why 3G? What’s the use? I can just go to HBO on demand.

    • says

      We want to hook it up to a TV so we can watch on a larger screen than our iPads and iPhones. Yes you could watch HBO on demand but if you have a tv that is not connected to cable than airplay and apple tv would be a good solution.

    • says

      make sure your mute switch on the site is not on then press the volume up button till it is all the way up. Next start a video and tap on the screen and move the volume slider to the right. Hope that fixes it. I think I had the same problem initially but figured it out right away. Let me know if those steps worked for you.

  3. USFwrestler says

    I own a HBO subscription and I use this regularly. I am away from home studying for school in the middle of nowhere with crappy cable at my apartments.

    unfortunately, you can’t connect to a larger screen. I have the Ipad2 and it HAS NOT worked via Apple TV and the HDMI adapter. I don’t think it will ever work.

    The only thing you can do (it’s what I do) is HBO GO has a website you can log into and play movies off of, so I just switched my desktop over to my big screen and use the screen as a monitor…works flawlessly

  4. USFwrestler says

    It’s seriously an amazing app btw. My Fios subscription is for my home in FL but I’ve been living in TN for the past 2 years with crappy cable. This and Netflix keep me sane…now if they made a app like Nexflix for the PS3, I’d be able to use my desktop on a smaller screen again

  5. Lee says

    My problem is that I have no sound on my ipad!!!! I have it for other videos in other apps so I know its not my settings. I have deleted and reinstalled.

  6. Lee says

    I had set the switch to lock the screen and didn’t realize that it muted HBOgo! Not sure why it didn’t matter with the other apps but now I have sound! Thx!

    • Mike says

      I am having the same problem with HBO on the Go – no audio I don’t have the problem on any other app. I don’t follow how you solved your similar problem. Where is the switch you are referring to in your email. Please advise.

    • Amielp says

      Yep. That’s the problem. Hob go has a bug. If you set your side switch to control mute / unmute. The sound works. If you use the side switch to lock rotation the hob go software doesn’t recognize sound. There is no volume slide button and the volume button doesn’t control volume. Thanks

  7. Amy says

    I installed the HBO GO app on my iPhone and it cuts in and out with the sound and visuals. It is very choppy and works only about half the time. I have Xfinity. It is very frustrating. Also, it sometime will start all the way at the beginning of a program if I have to pause or answer a telephone call. I use a blue tooth wireless set of headphones and I don’t know why that would make any difference. I hope that HBO works out the kinks because I think that it is pretty cool.

  8. AMKM says

    I had sound on my iPad for HBO go when it first came out. I down loaded the latest upgrade for my iPad system today and no longer get sound. Is this a coincidence?

    • Amielp says

      See prior thread. Need to make sure ur side button is not set to control rotation lock, if so software mutes the sound!

  9. forrest says

    for some reason it wont play the videos on my ipad and im getting very frustrated. it says hbo go then optimizing video quality and then it shuts down and goes back to the screen available before the show plays whats going on?

  10. Aking1024 says

    Same here! All this optimizing video bs and then it just quits or goes black, wtf! I deleted app and reinstalled but got the same thing. I’m a charter subscriber using iPad 1… Any help would be appreciated b/c the hbogo app sure won’t help anyone!

  11. Liam says

    Download Cydia app tv out tuner. Connect device via hdmi. Worked for me. Streamed video and sound just fine.

  12. Sandra says

    I am have the video optimizing problem as well. Inhale an iPad 2 and dish network. It worked for a few days then nothing it plays the hob go screen then goes black. I was excited to be able to catch up on series but now nothing

  13. Sandra says

    I am have the video optimizing problem as well. I have an iPad 2 and dish network. It worked for a few days then nothing it plays the hob go screen then goes black. I was excited to be able to catch up on series but now nothing

    • Andrew says

      I’m having the same problem with both HBOGO and MAXGO apps. It says optimizing video then nothing – despite being logged in as Dish Network user. Haven’t been able to find a solution so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. iOS 4.3.3

  14. Cathy Bauer says

    Just left message about problem with hbo on my iPad. Had been working great until last night- then hbo go will come on- I choose the episode of the series I want, push play and a message saying “your current http proxy is not supported by this app. Please remove it from your wifi settings to enable video playback.”
    Nothing has changed with my Internet service or cable. I went to remove my http proxy from my wifi settings- and maybe this is where I went wrong but I turned it off and it automatically goes back to auto. If I put it on Manuel I have no idea what to enter from there on. So I put it back on auto. I turned my iPad off for a few and tried again- same issue with hbo go. So I deleted the app and then downloaded it again but same thing happens. Can you help or educate me? Thanks.

    • says

      If it was working before, I would try deleting the app and redownloading it.

      Also you may want to check your wireless router settings. Does it work on a different wifi network?

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