GUIDE: Upgrade Firmware on Apple TV with Saved BLOBS and Futurerestore

Prerequisite: You must currently be jailbroken, and have saved blobs for the firmware you are going to.

In this guide I will show you how easy it is to Upgrade to iOS 11.1 with your Apple TV if you have your blobs saved. iOS 11.1 is the most current jailbreakable firmware.

Right now Apple is still signing iOS 10.2.2 and NitoTV just released Greeng0blin that allows you to jailbreak. I was currently on the latest iOS 11.2.5 and wanted to jailbreak so I downgraded to iOS 10.2.2.

To downgrade to iOS 10.2.2, you have to verify that it is currently being signed ( Then just plug in your Apple TV to you computer and hold down Option or Shift and click restore. This will allow you to select the iOS 10.2.2 firmware that you downloaded from

Once you are on iOS 10.2.2 jailbreak with greeng0blin.

Now that you are jailbroken you will need to follow these steps to upgrade to iOS 11.1 as long as you have saved your blobs while Apple was still signing them.

open up terminal or putty. For this guide I will just use Windows because you may get an error with OSX.


(type in your password. Default is alpine.

next you will want to open your .shsh2 file and find your nonce. you will see something like: <key>generator</key>

that is your nonce. now type the command below but put in your nonce you just found.


you can verify it was set by typing:

nvram -p

next you want to put the apple tv into recovery mode by typing:

nvram auto-boot=false

Then reboot apple tv manually using your remote and going into settings.

Download Futurerestore on your computer: (

extract it and inside the folder put the iOS 11.1 iPSW that you downloaded and your .shsh2 file

Your Apple TV should show that it is in recovery mode on your screen. Now open up a command prompt on your computer (type cmd and hit enter in the search) CD to the futurerestore folder

Type the following command but replace the shsh2 file name with the actual file name of your shsh2 file.
futurerestore –t YOURSHSHFILENAME.shsh2 –latest-sep AppleTV5,3_11.1_15J582_Restore.ipsw –no-baseband

Your AppleTV should start to restore and you will be on iOS 11.1 if all goes well.


  1. Dominik says

    Worked perfectly!
    Did it on a mac and the only thing different was that for running future restore you need to use ./futurerestore and use — for the futurerestore switches.
    “./futurerestore –t YOURSHSHFILENAME.shsh2 –-latest-sep AppleTV5,3_11.1_15J582_Restore.ipsw –-no-baseband”

    And what also threw me off was that you put yournonce in brackets so I thought I’d need to do this in the nvram command as well “nvram”.
    But nvram wasn’t allowing that anyway 🙂

    Thanks for this great guide!!!

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