Guide: Plague Inc. Video Walk-Through on Brutal

UPDATE: Plague Inc. version 1.3 has been released and the game is a lot harder now. I am in the process of updating the videos for the latest patch that was released. This includes the new Neurax Worm. It is a new special plague typle that lets you control and manipulate infected humans.

Plague Inc. is currently the number one paid application in the Apple App Store. Some people were having trouble unlocking certain level especially the first level Bacteria on Normal. These videos will help you unlock the next levels and unlock the bonus levels for beating all of them on Brutal.

The Key thing you want to remember is to infect the whole world before you make your disease deadly. Once you get the hang of the game it is actually pretty easy to use the same type of strategies to beat all of the other level. The levels include: Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, and Bio-Weapon. The bonus levels are just cheats. They include: Immune Plague, Hidden Plague, and Unlimited Plague. Unlimited Plague gives you unlimited DNA. In Hidden Plague the government never takes action against you. Lastly Immune Plague is a cheat where it is impossible to find a cure for the plague.

Some of the achievements are pretty hard to get. First you must be signed into GameCenter to unlock the achievements. Some of the harder ones include: Russian Nuclear Reactor, where you must make USA nuke Russia. Chinese Nuclear Reactor is the same thing except you must make USA nuke China. Plague In Space is also pretty hard to unlock. You must infect astronauts before they launch a space mission. I will try to make a guide on how to unlock these achievements as soon as I figure them out. If anyone has the answer please contact us.


Thanks to our reader KirrosTheWarrior. He started working on a text guide to follow along with the videos. Here is the first one he created. Virus on Brutal:

Step by step guide for Virus on Brutal Dificulty
This guide is directly from this video (
Be sure to watch it and subscribe to mwittchow!

Start your Virus in China.

1.  Drug Resistance 1    @ 11 dna
2.  Rodent 1             @ 10 dna
3.  Air 1                @ 10 dna
4.  Water 1              @ 11 dna
5.  Bird 1               @ 15 dna
6.  Insect 1             @ 13 dna
7.  Blood 1              @ 13 dna
8.  Livestock 1          @ 13 dna
9.  Drug Resistance 2    @ 26 dna
10. Air 2                @ 21 dna
11. Livestock 2          @ 20 dna
12. Rodent 2             @ 25 dna
13. Bird 2               @ 28 dna
14. Extreme Zoonosis     @ 33 dna
15. Water 2              @ 27 dna
16. Extreme Bioaerosol   @ 29 dna
17. Insect 2             @ 34 dna
18. Blood 2              @ 28 dna
19. Genetic ReShuffle 1  @ 19 dna
20. Genetic Hardening 1  @ 10 dna
21. Cold Resist 1        @ 11 dna
22. Cold Resist 2        @ 17 dna
23. Wait for everyone to die!

-> You should have enough symptoms that have randomly mutated over the game to kill everyone. If not stop at
step 17 or 18 and get some lethal ones! But make sure you don’t go too lethal before everyone’s infected.

Hope this helps! Please note that every game is random.
Based on what happens in the beginning of the game (random mutations, places that get infected first, etc)
your game is going to be different. So feel free to improv a bit.
Luckily every time I followed at least the general idea of this guide (tons of infectivity) I ended up victorious.

Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Jessica says

    I don’t know how old this guide is…but I got stomped when using it…Didn’t even infect 3% of the world…

    • chris says

      You probably dont have enough of the unlocked genetic codes to make it work….I started in russia with this strat with 76% of the genetic code unlocked and got done with only 60% towards cure.

    • Mel says

      my brother found a really really good method for all but nano virus and bio-wepaon. Start in greenland, upgrade air and water to level two. Upgrade the gentic hardening and wait until the cure starts going to do the genetic reshuffle. but wait until the whole world is infected before using any symptoms and anytime any randomly evolve, devolve them so your plague doesnt get noticed and then go from anemia to necrosis. and if you want to level up other transmissions only do level one and save your points

      not taken credit for the discovery of this method

  2. Martin says

    I usually start with Greenland. Typically green land will infect Russia or Sweden. It a little slower at first, but it gets the job done.

  3. Luke says

    Does anyone know how to unlock the achievements? In the guide above, the writer said they would post something about them, but I can’t find any links. Does anyone know how to get the hard achievements?

      • Luke says

        I’ve been looking through other forums, and there seems to be nothing either. I do know that when on brutal near the start of the game they mention nuclear testing in the news, they also mention a rocket launch.

        • [ANONYMOUS] says

          I found that if the president of the US goes “ill” the states will elect a new president. If you turn on insanity when this happens, they elect Sarah Palin. Normally by this point I’ve already lost from the cure but what if she decides to nuke other countries because of the insanity in the US? Can anyone try this?

          Also I’ve seen some news reports about a “historic space mission” to be scheduled. Know anything of this?

          • reply says

            I think this is right. I have seen the same description on my game and elsewhere on the internet. But you will need to get the cheats to accomplish it so you can avoid the cure. Otherwise, it takes too long and you fail.

          • Reply says

            To nuke, you will need the no cure plague, infect everyone, pump in some lethality to make the prez become ill. Pop insanity after that notice and “Spalin” becomes prez. After a few months, she will say Russia or China is to blame. Pop paralysis and say goodbye to Russia or China. I’ve only nuked Russia so I don’t know what the china requirements are

          • Mav says

            Yah it seems to get the time you need to complete have to have the no cure cheat unlocked. I used fever to get slightly lethal and then waited for the President is ill message. Once that happens pop insanity to ensure Spalin is elected. If you want her to bomb russia then upgrade cold resistance for China upgrade bird. Once she threatens the chosen country, pop paralysis and wait again til she bombs. I have used this method and managed to get both countries bombed in last two games…

            As for space, the only theory I have seen that looks promising is to wait out the no cure until it reaches 99% and then Gates will send out a space mission for a cure. Devolve all symptoms and they will be cleared for launch, and viola. I haven’t tested this yet though, well I am testing now, haven’t completed.

  4. Daniel Booij says

    Step by step Guide – Fungus Brutal.

    Start your Fungus in Iceland.

    1. Air 1 @ 8 dna
    2. Air 2 @ 13 dna
    3. Water 1 @ 10 dna
    4. Cold Resistance 1 @ 7 dna
    5. spore burst @ 2 dna
    6. Heat Resistance 1 @ 13 dna
    7. Water 2 @ 16 dna
    8. Heat Resistance 2 @ 25 dna
    9. Drug Resistance 1 @ 15 dna
    10. Coughing @ 4 dna
    11. Pneumonia @ 4 dna
    12. Pulmonary Firbosis @ 8 dna
    13. Total Organ Failure @ 29 dna
    14. Genetic Hardening 1 @ 12 dna
    15. Genetic ReShuffle 1 @ 23 dna
    16. Genetic Hardening 2 @ 29 dna
    17. Genetic ReShuffle 2 @ 28 dna
    18. Genetic ReShuffle 3 @ 34 dna

  5. herpderplol says

    It would appear that Algeria, Canada, Greenland, Morrocco, and Iceland are the hardest. You have to get some resistance to cold, or Canada, Greenland, and Iceland are going to get infected too slow for you to win, and Algeria and Morrocco just seem to take forever, despite getting bug/blood infection boosts. Sometimes it’s up to luck that you infect those countries sooner rather than later, because otherwise there may be nothing you can do, as they’ll either die too fast, or not fast enough. The best place to start in my opinion is India or China, due to the immense populations (1b+), so you can infect 15-20% of the world population before it’s even noticed, and you can have better chances of infecting the world in a short time.

  6. petro.keay says

    To get the USA to nuke Russia, infect all Americans, add some lethality (not too much), then wait till the President “becomes ill.” Add insanity, and “President Spalin” will be elected within a few months. A few months later (you might have to add cold resistance or something to indicate Russian origin, I’m not sure of this step) Spalin will “threaten” Russia.

    Once Spalin threatens Russia, you must add Paralysis. Then, when Spalin nukes Russia (again, within a few months), the “Generals will be paralyzed and unable to stop it.”

    No idea on how to do meltdown, astronauts, or China yet.

  7. Marco M. says

    The strategy that is given is pure bulls***. It does not work AT ALL on Nano-Virus. By the time you upgrade to “blood 1” the cure has already been completed. Can someone please give me a way that ACTUALLY works to beat nano-virus??? Thanks!
    I don’t know why you guys are making such a big deal about fungus. It’s actually easy. On normal, I started in Greenland. When the whole country was infected I plopped some random spores into the air and I got to China. From there, you just add random transmission upgrades and some cold resistance for Canada and Greenland. Then, one EVERY country is infected BUT the Caribbean, I plop some spores in the air to go there. Once every person is infected, I reek havoc and upgrade the lungs to “total organ failure”. You should have some spare DNA to fight the cure if necessary and TA-DA you win! It’s not the best but it works. I’m stuck on nano-virus and need help. Thx 🙂

  8. andreidionisie says

    hey i just done the olympic achivement! not sure how i did it but i was trying to the virus on brutal following that tutorial and in the news it said olympic delayed than later it said olympics back on! and then i just infected uk beceause of imigrants going to see the olympics probably some chinese family 🙂 feel free to make a guide on this i’m not

  9. Chackadar says

    To nuke russia or china, point the country with yort deasise. China as a balanced climar… So hot and cold resistance. Russia cold and humin…. So resistance to cold and watet transmission. For the space one, I gor uk going to fis the space statiom but don’t how to reproduce that.

  10. ZER0 says

    I’ve completed all difficulties except Brutal for Nano-Virus and Bio-Weapon by always starting out in Saudi Arabia. I find it very effective since they have flights to all parts of the globe both east and west. I’m just using the free version so i don’t have the abilities for Gene Modification and so far, all the guides on youtube to beat the game on brutal for both of them have gene mod…
    LeiMobile, can you post a vid to beat the game without gene mods on brutal difficulties for these two?
    thanx in advance

  11. Anon says

    Hey guys,

    As far as nano virus goes I found that if you develop the transmission abilities first to get it out there as quick as possible then develop the abilities that help spread it like cold resistance and drug immunity you should have a better chance. Coughing, sneezing and bio aerosol transmission work. Then finally make sure you’ve the special nano virus abilities developed so you can hit the annihilation button as soon as everyone is infected. This is much easier if you’ve the gene that freezes ability costs. Try it and see how it goes.

  12. says

    As far as nano virus goes I found that if you develop the transmission abilities first to get it out there as quick as possible then develop the abilities that help spread it like cold resistance and drug immunity you should have a better chance. Coughing, sneezing and bio aerosol transmission work. Then finally make sure you’ve the special nano virus abilities developed so you can hit the annihilation button as soon as everyone is infected. This is much easier if you’ve the gene that freezes ability costs. Try it and see how it goes.

  13. Biocheater says

    Playing on android devices makes the Bio-weapon on Brutal almost impossible!! I’ve tried lots of times and nothing. I managed to infect every human but then the game does not give me more DNA poins so I can´t stop the cure.

    I think the game cheats! It gives the points very randomly so you don’t exactly know if your strategy is going to work or not. Sometimes the game gives you a lot of points, sometimes it gives you very few. The virus is the only one that is fun to play, and the fungus is the most boring one (too slow).

    Sorry if I have mistakes writing, english is not my mothertonge.

  14. Justin says

    To get both nuke achievements, you need to start in either china or Russia… Then infect the world, once that is done, increase the symptoms to get insanity symptom. Use this and keep the death rate low enough so the whole world doesn’t die. Itis easiest with the hidden cheat plauge that is unlocked The end of game!!!

    Try it and it will work. Good luck.

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