Guide: Jailbreak iOS 6.0/6.0.1/6.0.2/6.1 with evasi0n for Windows

This guide is for the windows users. Jailbreaking iOS 6.x is super simple. Basically you just click a button and you are done. above is a video of an iPad 3 being jailbroken on iOS 6.1 using the evasi0n tool.

Follow these basic steps to get a jailbroken iOS device running iOS 6.x.

  1. Download evasi0n. You can choose Mac, Linux, or Windows. For this guide we will use Windows.
  2. Since it is a .zip file you download, you will want to extract all of the files.
  3. Open the extracted folder and right click on evasi0n.exe.
  4. select Run as Administrator.
  5. evasi0n will detect your device if you have it plugged into your computer. If you do not have it plugged in, do it now.
  6. Make sure to disable your passcode if you have one set on your iOS device.
  7. Click Jailbreak.
  8. DO NOT touch your computer or your iOS device and grab a snack or go clean your room. It will take about 5 minutes.
  9. It will go through a bunch of steps on it’s own such as preparing jailbreak data, injecting jb data, and your device will reboot.
  10. After the reboot it will install Cydia, and Cydia’s packages.
  11. The app will then give you the message: “Now please unlock your device, search for a newly created icon named ‘Jailbreak’, and tap on it JUST ONCE. The screen will quickly go black and then return to the home screen again.”
  12. Just follow those instructions and you are almost done. The jailbreak icon will look like the picture shown here:
  13. It will then start injecting remount payload and then after a few seconds it will say Root Filesystem successfully remounted! and then injecting jb data stage 3.
  14. Done! Device will now reboot. Please be patient, the boot will take a bit longer that usual to do a first time setup. The device may restart several times.
  15. You now have a Jailbroken iOS 6.x device with Cydia on your screen. Enjoy.

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