Ad: Get A Free Apple iPad 2 In The Color Of Your Choice!


Want to get a FREE Pink, Red, or even Black Apple iPad 2? wants to give you one. Click on the above image and fill in your email address for more details. You can also click here to check it out.


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  1. AC says

    there is no such thing as an ipad 2 in multiple colors. it is just a scam to get you to fill out forms, thus making them money. This possibly does give you an ipad 2 in color, but its not Apple’s.

  2. says

    For Your Information It Is Real Because I did it so the people that be saying it fake there the one that fake….


    ~Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful~

    • Alexander says

      Can you please give me a brief description of your iPad 2? like what color was it and where the camera was and if it had the app store and what apps came with it. Thanks!

  3. jake says

    im a kid and i need a ipad for school but i do not have a credit card for the last step and my mom wont do it so is it any other websites

  4. jake says

    but i really need one but they’re so expensive and my mom wont buy one because thet’re just so high

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