Get a $50 discount on the New iPad

Been waiting to get an iPad? Now is the time. Apple is now offering the latest retina display iPad for $50 off. That is if you are OK with a refurbished product. Like all of Apple’s refurbished line of products you will get all of the accessories and the same 1 year warranty. Most of the time you would not even know your device is a refurb. I have purchased refurbished iPhones and laptops from Apple in the past and they are excellent and look like they just took a new product and put it into a different box.

If your looking to save 10% on a 16GB wifi model, this is the route to go. You can purchase any of the models and they all have a $50 discount, so obviously your getting the best deal by purchasing the 16GB Wifi model.

[Apple Refurbished iPads]

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