Four Wii Games That Are Definitely Worth Chucking

The Nintendo Wii is nearly seven years old and was effectively rendered obsolete last autumn when the new Wii U arrived, offering true HD graphics and new ways to play thanks to its tablet controller.

If you own a Wii then the good news is that games for this system are still compatible with the Wii U, which means you do not need to ditch your entire collection.

However, there are some games which really do not deserve to be saved, either as a result of their quality or simply because you will not want to play them again.

If you are going to sell Wii games, here are four titles that you should probably add to your list of eventual rejects.

Mad World

This inventive monochrome murder-em-up was celebrated when it first arrived because it was one of the few Wii exclusives that actually offered adult themes.

While Mad World pushed the boundaries of what was possible on Nintendo’s console, it definitely feels linear and repetitive enough to warrant selling now, particularly since ZombiU for Wii U is similarly gory and much better looking.

Epic Mickey 2

After the promise shown in the original Epic Mickey, hopes were high that its sequel would deliver an even better combination of classic Disney characters and platforming gameplay. Unfortunately it did not quite live up to its potential and was arguably a little bit underwhelming on the aging Wii.

You can find high-def ports of Epic Mickey 2 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U, so get rid of your boring old standard definition Wii copy and upgrade for brighter colors and crisper visuals.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

It may sound like blasphemy to suggest that you should sell a Zelda game, but there are two very good reasons to give the Wii version of Twilight Princess the cold shoulder.

First, the Gamecube edition, which was released at the same time, is arguably superior because it does not include any of the annoying motion controls. Secondly the arrival of Skyward Sword, with its improved interactivity through support for Wii Motion Plus, means that Twilight Princess looks a bit unwieldy by comparison.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Wii’s lack of RAM has always made it a bit of a second tier platform for multiplayer gaming and the Call of Duty franchise may be valiantly available on this console, but is demonstrably inferior to its other incarnations.

This fact aside, if you still own Modern Warfare 3, which came out back in 2011, then the time has definitely come to give it up in favor of something more recent. With falling user numbers inevitable after the first year on the market, it is best to move on to a game with a bigger community.

James Wright is a videogame journalist, blogger and presenter who has been passionate about the industry for as long as he can remember. While you may not want to sell Wii games for nostalgic reasons, he thinks it is a great way to get some cash to invest in new titles.

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