Follow Me On Twitter Again; My Account Was Hacked, But I’m Back!

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind some of you guys that my Twitter was hacked during the whole Gawker Media Hacking Scandal. Twitter FINALLY could identify me as the rightful owner of the @Alan_Vazquez user name, however, they deleted everything from my profile and caused me to lost everyone I was following and everyone that followed me.

I wanted to remind you to follow me at or search for @Alan_Vazquez and you’ll find me. It’s pretty frustrating that soneone would hijack my account because my account had to be wiped (in accordance with their policy).

So make sure to hit that “Follow” button in Twitter! I tweet pretty regularly and I usually type news that sometimes doesn’t make it to the front page of LEI Mobile. Also, I like to send out teasers of stuff we may be doing, you just gotta look out for my tweets.

You can access my Twitter page within the LEI Mobile app, and you have to swipe left in the LEI Mobile 5 dock to reach it.

Also, make sure to follow Brandon & Mike. Their Twitter usernames are @Brandonetheredg as well as @chow7.

So there you go guys, please, if you followed me before, please do again because Twitter wiped out my account so I had to start again.

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