Fix: DirecTV This app is not supported on jailbroken devices

DirecTV does not like people who jailbreak their devices and locks you out of their app completely if your device is jailbroken.

When you first open the DirecTV app (version 2.3.0) you are presented with the above error message: This app is not supported on jailbroken devices. Please connect to Apple iTunes to update or restore your device.

Luckily Brandon has come to the rescue and created a patch so you can enjoy the new Directv app that supports live streaming. To patch your app you must have our Cydia repository installed.

  1. Open up Cydia and click on Manage at the bottom.
  2. Then Click Sources.
  3. Click Edit in the top right and then press Add in the top left.
  4. type and the press Add Source.
  5. Browse the LEiMobile repo and install dtvrunner.
  6. Once installed reboot and your Directv app will function normally.

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  1. John says

    Anyone know if this works with the latest 2.4.1 version of the DirecTV app? I’m not going to update until I know this will allow my DirecTV app to still function. Thanks.

    • bogie06 says

      Works great on the iphone. When will there be an ipad fix? The DTV app on my ipad mini is version 1.9.9. Do we just need to wait for DTV to upgrade the ipad version? Thanks for this fix.

  2. Diven says

    Well I just JB my iPad and the DTV release 2200 does not work. Does anyone know where I can DL an old version?


  3. Mikel says

    Downloaded it and it when pass the doesn’t work on jail broken phone got to the login on the app but says my info doesn’t match up I changed password and still doesn’t go pass the login

  4. says

    I already downloaded LEiMobile repo and install dtvrunner before downloading old version directv So unsure if the old version would have work without cydia apps. Don’t matter because I’m Back to watching Directv again….I’m so happy!!

  5. Kal says

    Works on iPhone 5s with IOS7 JB. Thanks! However, does not work for the iPad version of the app 🙁

    However, you can run the iPhone app on the iPad and at least get that level of functionality. Better than nothing, on my iPad Air.

  6. Trishan says

    Finally, a working repo for Directv v4.2.103.
    Install – tsprotector8
    Have fun guys!

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