Find My Car Smart, First Bluetooth App for 4S

Well this is an interesting App. A company called FMC Smart has put together this App called Find My Car Smart, only available for iPhone 4S. You won’t loose your car in the parking lot again if you have this bad boy installed. Once you have it set up the App monitors a bluetooth smart device you install in your car, once it powers of (you park and turn your key off hopefully) it will log your current location in case you loose track of where you parked your car. This is different from many Lost Care finding Apps on the store in that once set up properly, you won’t have to manually set your location, you just get out and forget it.

There is currently a kickstarter project by the developers to make affordable smart bluetooth dongles that people may pair with the Application. They have reached their goal and will begin manufacturing them in January 2012. Until then you will need to use whatever smart bluetooth device you may have, assuming any exist. 😛



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