Farmville For iPhone Is Out

As of writing this article it is not out in the US iTunes store.  Apple is still updating their servers all over the world, so keep checking if you want to take your addicition to Farmville from the computer to your iPhone of iPod Touch.  unfortunately there is not an iPad version yet.  You can download the iPhone version but it will be pixelated.

Download FarmVille for iPhone and iPod Touch on the AppStore.


  1. zooyork says

    I would love to download but for some reason it tellse I have to accept the new terms which I did then it says my account info needs to be updated I did this whith the same credit card as it tells me my security code os wrong funny the reason to update my account is becuase it said i had to update my salutations and my security code and it still says it’s wrong no matter what I do. Has anyone else had this issue

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