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[UPDATE] Ok as far as I’ve been able to find out. T-Mobile is the best to go in the MMS department (it just takes a lil longer to send), Simple Mobile on the other hand doesn’t work very good. There’s nothing we can really do to help, the best you can really do is send and sometimes receive. Sorry, switch to T-Mobile if you can.


Alright so the same questions keep coming in about Simple Mobile and T-Mobile MMS, so it’s about time for a centralized place to put the answers as the questions are asked again. Email questions or ask in the comments.

Q: It doesn’t work, need help!
A: Reboot? This hardly helps anyone in finding out what is wrong, be specific!

Q: Cydia gives me an error, sending log files.
A: Umm don’t do that! Send me a screenshot of the error, Cydia logs don’t tell me anything useful Ok these actually help now, but don’t just send me BLANK emails with log files because they wont be read unless you actually type a message….

Simple Mobile

Q: I can send but not receive on Simple Mobile, why’s that?
A: That is the absolute best most people can do, Simple Mobile refuses to cooperate to get iPhones working on their network. Switch carriers!

Q: Why does my picture come out so messed up when I do receive on Simple Mobile?
A: Answered above, network doesn’t like iPhones.


Q: I can’t send or receive, what’s wrong?
A: If you’re going to ask that way send me a screen shot of your cell network settings and be sure both APN fields are filled and you actually have MMS on your account.

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  1. Adden says

    3GS, 4.3.3. Do I have to have the Internet APN filled in to recieve and send MMS? Cause I don’t use EDGE all that often since if I want to use it, I have to buy the Web DayPass (yes, I am that cheap) and I am tired of when I turn EDGE off, when I text it says Cellular Network Data off, and I am very tired of having that pop up when I am in the middle of texting someone. It worked for my iPhone 2G, but that is because there is no MMS on that device. So can I delete the APN field for data and still have the MMS stuff filled in and be able to fully send and recieve MMS with EDGE turned on?
    I have to have EDGE turned on to even recieve them anyway

  2. Ketsuki says

    I have the iPhone 4 with the 421 os… I have it jb with grennpoison… And I have the apn settings to send out pics… I know there is a different setting to be able to send instead of receive… My question is if you guys know it and if you could post it to make it availave for the rest of us? I’m not a programer, I’m just a fan… Thanks…