FaceTime Activation unsuccessful. Turn on FaceTime to try again

Are you getting the message FaceTime Activation unsuccessful. Turn on FaceTime to try again?  It seems that this is a common message that people will see when upgrading their iPhones to the latest iOS firmware.  Most of the time FaceTime is unsuccessful when there is problems with Apple’s activation servers.  They are  most likely overloaded with requests or there may be a problem with your carrier’s SMS server.

There are some potential fixes to help the FaceTime activation along.

1.  Try resetting your network settings and do a hard reboot by holding down the power and home button until your iPhone turns off.

2.  Try this method by deadzone:

– Make sure your phone number under the phone setting is complete with international prefix. Example +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx
– Turn off Caller ID
– Turn off FaceTime
– Reset the phone by holding home and power button until the phone shuts off
– Turn your iPhone back on
– Turn on Show Caller ID
– Turn on FaceTime

Please be aware that every time you turn on FaceTime you may be charged for an international text. Companies like T-Mobile will take the charges off your account if you ask them nicely.

As a last resort you can purchase an application called MiTime. You have to jailbreak your iPhone so this may not be the best solution for some people, and is also not available right away when a new iOS firmware is released.

Remember that FaceTime does not always activate instantly. On T-Mobile USA, most users see it activate very early in the morning while they are still sleeping.

Apple activates the iPod Touch and iPad using an email address which is tied to your Apple ID. Activation is fast and painless. If Apple moved away from SMS activation on the iPhone it would make a lot of people with FaceTime activation troubles a lot happier.

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  1. Adel says

    I think it has nothing to do with the apple sever , it’s the first time you activate the phone when you connect it to iTunes
    So when you do pwonage tool , uncheck activation and use the official sim to activate the phone , the face time will work immediately
    I hope that will help
    I am using bell locked iPhone on Roger network

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