Fabrix Cases releases A Tribute to Steve Jobs Case Called Fifth October

Fabrix Cases just released a case called Fifth October, which is a tribute to Steve Jobs.

The passing of Steve Jobs is a great lost to the entire Mac Community or rather, to the world. He was a true visionary, a great leader and an inspiring soul destined to changed the world. He has connected the world with his passion and his ideas. He challenged conventions and shaped the way we enjoyed technology today. Here at Fabrix, we would like to pay a tribute to him, cause without him, we would not be doing what we love today.

We have hence created a special tribute sleeve to immortalize him. We named this special edition sleeve ‘Fifth October’ because that is the day the world lost Steve Jobs.

Throughout Steve’s Apple career, his trademark look spotting the black turtleneck top paired with blue jeans has garnered a cult following and we figured that is exactly how we would like to remember him as. With that image in mind, we created the sleeve in black and blue denim split into halves and stitched together in ultra minimalism style.

As a form of respect to him, this sleeve will not bear any branding or labels. It will be shipped in a special drawer box in Black and Gold. Each sleeve will come with a random quote card, bearing a message from Steve Jobs that we feel has inspired us.

This sleeve will retail at a non-profitng price of US$10 because we believe that every and anyone who would like to own it should be able to do so without a pinch (we just need to recover the costs on our side).

*Note : Each sleeve is completely handmade in Singapore while each quote card is individually hand printed and stamped in Singapore as well. Hence, no 2 sleeves or quote cards are the same. These sleeve are not made using sweatshop labor nor are they mass-produced in China.

So go and grab your Fifth October memorial case today!

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