Digg Finally Releases Their iPhone App

Digg has finally released  their iPhone Application. Now you can keep up with the latest popular content on the web with Digg’s official iPhone app!  Go download it here.

We want to make it easy to discover interesting content on your phone and to jump into the conversations around that content. You can browse lists of recent news, search for the topics you care about, and save stories to check out later.

Some highlights …

* Browse lists of the top stories in 24 hours, recently popular stories, and upcoming stories with rising interest
* Preview any story in a list by clicking the arrow next to each item in the list, which will reveal the story description, source, thumbnail, date, and submitter
* Save any story you’re interested in to a list for easy access later
* View websites in an integrated browser, with options to Digg, bury, save, and share the story in-line
* Read through and vote on the comments for any story
* Search for any story on Digg and sort results by date, Digg count, or relevance
* Easily share stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email
* Best of all, login to link the app to your digg.com account and easily Digg or bury both comments and stories

Help spread the word and win a customized iPad!

TapTapTap is hosting a contest where people can win one of fourteen beautiful Digg iPads, customized by Colorware. Learn more: http://digg.taptaptap.com

The app was created in partnership with TapTapTap and showcases some of the great things that can be built off the Digg API.


  1. Josh says

    Congratulations on getting into the app store. It’ll be nice getting push notifications rather than checking everyday! Keep it up!

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